HB – Report on TITC 2007

Moore-Speed wins the TITC race in Thailand!


High temperatures, high humidity, friendly locals and tough racing – that sums up the 2007 Thailand International Touring Car Championships! This year’s TITC race saw an increased number of racers traveling from Europe, America and all over Asia and Australia; it’s easy to see that it’s gaining in popularity year after year!

The international Hot Bodies racing team showed up the week of the race to get used to the track conditions and take in some of the local amenities. With Atsushi Hara and Surikarn already on site, IFMAR ISTC World Champion Andy Moore and young British racer Olly Jefferies arrived to soak in the ambiance and get some practice in.

The practice sesions looked good for team HB, with Hara setting the pace early on. Once the qualifying races started, Hara continued to dominate while Andy had a couple of difficulties but maintained a close hold to Hara’s pace, along with Ronald Volker and Olly, who was doing very well at his first major flyaway race. In the last run of qualifying on Saturday, however, Andy took out all the stops and blew away the rest of the modified racers with a run that placed him easily at the top of the list, several seconds ahead of everyone else! No one could go any faster in qualifying on Sunday, so Andy remained in pole position!

That left Andy with in the Top Qualifier position for the three A Final races, with some of the world’s top touring car racers stacked up behind him, desperate to take the win!

In the first A Final, a series of crashes and accidents forced many of the racers out of the race, with only a few cars finishing the race. Not only Andy, but Hara, Rhienard and others had to pull out of the race with too much damage to continue. Ronald Volker took the win for Hot Bodies. This meant Andy had to win the next two races to go home with the overal win! However, Andy was still starting from the best spot on the grid: first!




For the second race, Andy got a good start on the rest of the field and Ronald and Hara were moving up through the field and Hara quickly moved up into second and started hunting Andy down. With Hara having to pull out with some electrical troubles, Andy had a clear run to take the win!

In the third race, Andy wanted to make sure that no one would be able to challenge him, so just as at the World Championships last summer, he pushed hard and opened up a wide gap between him and the rest of the field. Once he knew the win was in the bag he backed off and let the gap close from several seconds to less than two between him and 2nd place Ronald, letting Andy take the long sought-after victory at the TITC!

With his first TITC title in hand, Andy is looking forward to the upcoming LRP TCM in April and the Reedy Race of Champions at the end of May!

Top Ten, Modified:
1. Andy Moore – Hot Bodies, Twister 2.2
2. Ronald Volker – Hot Bodies
3. Hupo Hoenigl
4. Jilles Groskamp – Twister 2.2
5. Meen Vejrak
6. Thomas Pumpler – Hot Bodies
7. Olly Jeffries – Hot Bodies, Twister 2.2
8. Shin Adachi
9. Atsushi Hara – Hot Bodies, Twister 2.2
10. Marc Rheinard – Twister 2.2

In all, the 2007 TITC race was a huge success for Hot Bodies & HPI racers. Out of 182 racers, 86 were Hot Bodies or HPI cars – that’s nearly half the field (47%)! 66 Cyclones were raced, 13 Cyclone S kits were present and 7 racers chose the Pro 4.

In the Modified class 30 of the 77 cars were HB/HPI (29 Cyclones and 1 Pro 4), 39% of the racers. 5 of the top 10 racers drove the Cyclone, with 2 on the podium.

In Stock, 43 out of 82 cars were HB/HPI (37 Cyclones and 6 Pro 4’s), 52% of the racers. 8 of the top 10 were HB/HPI cars, with all three podium spots occupied by HB/HPI drivers!

In the Sport class, 13 of the 23 cars were HB/HPI (all Cyclone S kits), 57% of the racers. 5 of the top 10 racers drove the Cyclone S, with all three podium positions taken by HB/HPI racers!

A special mention must be given to Olly Jefferies, finishing in the top ten at his first non-European race! Olly has been moving up the rankings quickly after moving to the Hot Bodies chassis, and we eagerly await to see him at his full potential!

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