XTM Racing Monster MT


XTM Racing is proud to announce the Monster MT – 1/8+ Nitro Monster Truck, Factory Assembled, Ready to Run. This 4WD beast will be released this spring, and will have a suggested selling price of $400. The Monster MT will easily accommodate XTM’s after market reverse module system for customers who want to add reverse. Thanks to the included 3-ch 10 model memory FM radio system, no additional radio is needed except for the purchase of a standard servo for reverse shifting. Additionally, many of the other after market options that are currently available for XTM’s successful vehicles, such as the XT2 and Mammoth ST, bolt right on!

The Monster MT is freakishly huge, unforgiving, and cruel to all who would dare stand in its way! Big and bad, it measures over two feet long and almost a foot and a half wide. Its massive seven-inch diameter tires gives this Monster nearly four inches of ground clearance! Eight threaded aluminum, fully adjustable oil-filled shocks create a plush ride and enough traction to conquer any terrain at any speed. Being a Monster requires monster power. That’s where the XTM .28 engine with its polished aluminum rear exhaust comes into play. Coupled to an all-steel, two-speed drive train, this nitro burning powerhouse accelerates this big brute up to a very impressive 45 mph! Four vented disk brakes rein-in this monster in no time. Making this Monster go where you want is easy thanks to two metal-geared, high-torque steering servos putting out 350oz/in (27kg) of combined torque! When it comes to all out performance or just bashing around fun, look no further than the Monster MT!

> Factory built with 3 channel / 10 model memory FM radio system.
> Dual high torque, metal-geared steering servos.
> Heavy duty 5mm bracing front and rear.
> XTM’s powerful .28 rear exhaust engine.
> Polished aluminum rear exhaust tuned pipe system.
> 8 threaded and polished aluminum oil-filled shocks.
> Steel 2-speed with 75/70 size gearing for low end power.
> Drive train uses rubber sealed bearings.
> Large 11.4cm(4.5”) wheels with 17mm hex hubs.
> Massive 17.8cm(7”) tires with foam inserts.
> Steel alloy, socket head screws.
> Huge 290cc fuel tank for long run times
> Dust resistant receiver and battery boxes.
> 4 steel vented brake discs.
> Bevel geared differentials front and rear.
> Front universal joints.
> Large front and rear chrome bumpers.

> Length – 63.5cm(25”)
> Height – 30.5cm(12”)
> Width – 43.2cm(17”)
> Weight – 6.35kg(14lbs.)
> Wheelbase – 41.91cm(16.5”)
> Tire diameter – 17.78cm(7”)
> Ground clearance – 10.16cm(4”) with suspension extended

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