Baja 5B goes 120 miles across the desert!


In a first-ever endurance test of its kind, a Baja 5B has been driven non-stop across 120 miles of unforgiving unpaved roads across the sun-blasted desert of the American southwest!

A Tough Yearly Tradition
Full-size desert racers from across North America take part in the annual Barstow to Vegas off-road race, pitting themselves and their cars against the elements and the rough desert terrain. Even though the usual equipment for this race means 30-inch knobby tyres, suspension travel of more than a yard and vehicles such as desert racing trucks and specialist racing buggies, we knew that this was the best endurance challenge the Baja could undertake. With enough fuel and a couple of spares, it would be fun to get the Baja across a desolate, uninhabited stretch of classic southwestern American desert.




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