LRP – Factory Team


Martin Hudy

With Martin Hudy another top international touringcar driver joins the LRP Factory Team. For the upcoming 2007 season Martin will exclusively use LRP electric products at all races.

Greatest successes:

* Multiple Slovak and Czech Indoor Champion
* Multiple Slovak and Czech Outdoor Champion
* 2 x International Friendship Race TQ + 1st
* 1st Snowbird Nationals A finalist
* Swiss World Cup TQ + 1st
* Orion Speed Weekend A finalist
* 2007 Snowbird Nationals winner

Cyril N´Diaye

Cyril N´Diaye – recently being 5th of the GP World Cup in Lausanne, 2nd after the Lords of Touring and reigning French Champion – will join the LRP Factory Team!

Greatest successes:

* French Champion TC Modified 2004
* French Champion TC Modified 2006
* Vice French Champion TC Modified 2005
* TQ + 2nd Tamiya Cup European Final Portugal
* TQ + 1st EFRA GP TC Modified in Montbrison/F

Alexander Stocker

LRP welcomes Alexander Stocker, merchant from Munich. With Alexander LRP is proud to welcome another very experienced driver into our Factory Team.

Greatest successes:

* 2000 German Champion Touringcar Stock
* European Champion 1/12 Stock
* European Championships A-finalist TC Modified
* 2x German Champion 1/12 Stock
* 2nd German Championships 1/12 Modified
* Tamiya Cup German Champion M-Chassis 1997
* Tamiya Cup German Champion 1998
* Tamiya Cup European Champion 1998
* 3rd at Tamiya Cup World Championships 1998
* Swiss Carpet World Cup A-finalist

Markus Feldmann

Markus Feldmann, international top driver 1/5 and 1/8, is also joining the LRP Team and will use the following LRP products:

* LRP Startbox
* Transmitter batteries
* Receiver batteries

As a multi-talented R/C top-driver, Markus Feldmann will also compete in electric TC races during the winter month. To get the maximum performance in this class as well, he will use the entire LRP electric product range!

Greatest successes:

* 5x European Champion 1/5
* 5x 2nd European Champion 1/5
* 2x 2nd World Champion 1/5
* 3x World Cup Winner 1/5
* 8x German Champion 1/5
* 3x German Champion 1/8 Offroad

Markus Feldmann already tested his new LRP products:

„.. my experience with LRP products is thoroughly fabulous! High performance products of remarkable quality and extraordinary performance. Best conditions to tie up to my previous career.”

Thomas Günsel

The 23-year old account manager, living in Ansbach near Nuremberg, already won the LRP Touring Car Masters 17T class in 2006. Already preparing to defend his title this year, the experienced electric driver is looking forward to the TCM 2007!

Greatest successes:

* 2003 German Champion HPI Sport Challenge
* 2004 2nd Orion Classics Zillisheim(F) Amateur
* 2004 2nd Orion Speed Weekend Standard
* 2005 1st CS-Cup-Final 2005 CS-Sport Class
* 2005 German Champion Touringcar Stock
* 2005 2nd Orion Speed Weekend Standard
* 2006 German Champion CS 17Turn
* 2006 German Champion Touringcar Stock
* 2006 1st TCM HPI 17T Challenge

All drivers of the LRP Electric Team will exclusively use the all new LRP Brushless system! The 2007 season will totally be dedicated to the superior Brushless technology!

Brushless beats Brushed!

LRP welcomes the new Factory Team drivers and wish them all the best for the upcoming racing season!

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