XB8 Wins Rc Pro Series East Rnd1


Race report by Leon McIntosh

The weekend started off arriving late to the track on Friday night therefore only allowing me to run 4 tanks on the track, just enough to get used to the layout and make sure everything was in proper working order.

Saturday started off much better arriving at the track in enough time to get a few practice runs on the track before qualifying started.

In the first round of qaulifying I was on a TQ pace but a last lap crash put me 3rd for the round. In the 2nd round team losi driver Travis Dupree again TQ’d the round with myself in 2nd. Travis set took TQ for the first two rounds. Things were getting better though. I knew for me to TQ the race I would not only have to TQ both rounds 3 and 4 but I would also have to set the the fastest qualifying time. In round 3 I did just that using Pro-Line’s new M3 Holeshot buggy tire. In round four I again TQ’d but the track has slowed since it was so dusty.Qualifying Results:
1. Leon McIntosh-Xray
8. Chris Crews-Xray


In the main Gene Hickerson jumped out to an early lead with Travis and myself in tow. Just before half way into the 30 minute main Hickerson had mechanical difficulties forcing him to drop out of the race handing the lead over to Travis Dupree who was only 2 seconds ahead of me. Around the 17 minute Mark Travis started to have motor trouble handing the lead over to me for the last 13 minutes. From there on I never looked back and crossed the finish line the winner.

Leon McIntosh Set-up sheet.

Source : Xray

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