Krause completes perfect event with 720


The 4th annual Munzig Indoor Race took place in Germany last weekend and Serpent driver Ralf Krause used his Mega powered 720 to good effect to complete the perfect event.

TQ’ing for the event in record time, Krause went on to convert his No.1 starting position into a superb victory again setting a new record time.

Backing up Krause’s performance Andrea Giesa set the second fastest time in qualifying while Jürgen Hennemuth made it two 720s on the podium with a fine drive to third.

Final Result (Top 4)

1. Ralf Krause – Serpent 720/Mega MF
2. Oliver Brandt – Kyosho RRR
3. Jürgen Hennemuth – Serpent 720/Mega ZX
4. Andreas Giesa – Serpent 720




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