Proline – Bow-Tie Pre-Mounted


Performance 1:8 buggy

1:8 scale racing has become so competitive—this or that shock oil, these or those springs, 1,000 or 80,000 diff oil or anywhere in-between. With so much attention paid to car set-up coupled with a multiple number of tire patterns to choose from, why waste time mounting tires? Well look no further.

Pro-Line’s new pre-mounts allow more time for tuning, are truer than the average mounted tire, are adhered with an ultra-bond CA for a secure, worry free bond, and are backed with Pro-Line quality. Never again will you have to worry about misaligning the tire with the wheel, not finish a qualifier or main event due to glue failure, or worry about making your next run in time with pre-mounted Pro-Line tires for 1:8 buggies.

Pro-Line’s pre-mounted 1:8 tires are glued to Velocity dish wheels and come complete with Pro-Line firm inserts.
Features :

· 1st rate Pro-Line quality
· Hold-up under the most extreme conditions
· Time effective (no more gluing)

Source : Proline

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