Team Orion – New Element 19T 2007


Team Orion’s Element 2007 has been designed and equipped as a pure competition motor for the serious 19-turn spec class competitor.

The re-engineered Mega Flow can features strategically placed vents for maximum airflow and optimized magnetic field strength, resulting in increased power output and fade-free performance from start to finish.

A precision wound 19T armature is wrapped with 19 AWG pure copper wire featuring construction designed to optimize the balance between low-end torque and high speed RPM for excellent performance in competition Touring Car, Off-Road, and 1/12 scale vehicles. Drill balancing ensures vibration free operation resulting in maximum straightaway speeds.

The Element comes equipped with Katana competition laydown brushes with high performance springs. All motors come broken-in and evaluated to ensure maximum performance straight out of the package.

·TOP Mega Flow can
·High strength G14 wet magnets
·Race proven TOP endbell design
·24° timing
·Laydown brush configuration
·Equipped with Katana competition laydown brushes and high-performance laydown springs
·Anti-vibration brush system
·Large alloy endbell heatsinks with auxiliary brush heatsinks
·Re-engineered armature with 19 turns of 19 gauge wire
·Precision drill-balanced
·Dual high-speed ball bearings
·Inboard pre-installed capacitors

ORI20051 Element 19T 2007
ORI20052 Element 19T V2 2007
ORI41225 Katana Laydown Brush w/eyelet
ORI41324 90° Pro Stock Spring – 7 oz.
ORI41325 115° Pro Stock Spring – 9 oz.
ORI41326 135° Pro Stock Spring – 11 oz.
ORI41327 150° Pro Stock Spring – 12 oz.
ORI41328 175° Pro Stock Spring – 14 oz.
ORI41329 Pro Stock Spring Set

Source : Team Orion

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