VXR Racing – Lipo Charger


– Ultra high speed digital power system
– Light weight and fully capable to charge up to 3500mA and 5 cells in series
– Easy setting for various battery pack parameters
– Reverse polarity protection circuitry (INPUT/OUTPUT)
– Easy monitoring indicators(current and voltage charge status)
– Beep alerts fault conditions or charge is complete
– Safe mode automatic cell count (1-4cells)
– Over charge protect with SM balancer connected 

Li-Po Smart Charger SM-2700Li
( Li-Po 1-5 cell 3.5A Charger )
Capable of charging: 1-5 cells Li-Po only
Input Power source: 11V-15V DC requires 5A current rate at maximum charge rate.
Charge Voltage : 3.7V-7.4V-11.1V-14.8V-18.5V
(1- 5 cells in series )

Charge Current : 500mA-1000-1500-2000-3000-3500mA
Full charge voltage : 4.2V per cell
Overcharge auto cut off voltage : 4.28V/Cell
Maximum output power : 45Watt
(Note: Max 2.5A for 4S & 2A for 5S)

Size : 1.62″ x 4″ x 0.62″ (42mm x 102mm x 16.2mm)

Source : VXR Racing

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