Team Checkpoint – TC1030 Pro Charger


Racers put winning first – and so does the TC-1030 Pro Charger. Like all winners, it delivers what the competition doesn’t – and does it all from a footprint that’s 60% smaller than the unit racers are probably using now. Yet, even with more charging modes, LiPo compatibility and new motor functions, the TC1030 Pro can also offer racers an edge in economy. And that makes the best little charger in racing, one of the biggest values in R/C.

  • LiPo-, NiCd- and NIMH-compatible!
  • Five fast-charge modes, including 3-step and 4-step.
  • Features linear and high-amp, custom 20A and 30A pulsed discharge functions, plus a Dead Short mode for extreme conditioning of high-powered racing packs.
  • Includes motor test and two break-in modes: 1-step – and a 4-step mode with programmable voltage and cool-off times!
  • Offers 10-pack memory – and the ability to recall data for up to 10 full cycles.
  • Voltage cut-off adjusts from as little as 1mV or 2mV to a maximum of 25mV.
  • Twin cooling fans improve efficiency and extend life!


Input voltage: 11-15V DC

Chemistry/# of Cells: 1-10 (NiCd/NiMH), 1-4 (LiPo/Ion)
Capacity: 100-9,900mAh

Fast-Charge Modes: linear, reflex, impulse, 3-step & 4-step
Current Range: 0.1-10A (NiCd/NiMH)
Termination Modes: peak detection (0-15mV, NiMH; 0-25A, NiCd), cc/cv (LiPo/ION), thermal cut-off (all types; optional*)
Trickle current: 0-500mA (NiCd/MH only)
Top-off current: 0-1,000mA (NiMH only)

Current Range 0.1-10A linear (2C max. for LiPo/Ion), 20A & 30A (all)
Special Feature: Dead Short Mode
Voltage Cut-Off: 0.1-1.1V/cell (NiCd/NiMH), 2.5-3.7V/cell (LiPo/Ion)
Temperature Cut-Off: 50-132°F (10-55°C)

# Continuous Cycles: 1-10 (NiCd/NiMH)
Cool-off time: 1-30 minutes

Motor Functions
Modes: Test; 1-step & 4-step break-in
Voltage: 1-8V
Amperage: Up to 20 (at 1.5V)
Run/Cool-Off Times: 1-180 minutes

Type: Blue back-lit LCD w/graphing functions & adjustable contrast
Displays: voltage curves for charging & discharging; input/output voltage; charge/discharge current; charge/discharge time; battery capacity resistance & temperature

Case Construction: All-aluminum, w/twin cooling fans.
Size: 5.5 x 5.9 x 1.8 in (140 x 150 x 45 mm)
Weight: 24.5 oz. (695 g)
Output Connectors: banana jacks (attached), plus two adapters (banana plugs to large alligator clips and banana plugs to Deans® UltraTM Plug (male).
Programming: Dial for menu navigation, function selection; twin push-buttons
Set-up/Safety Features: Light/sound cues; safety timer
* requires optional Temperature Sensor (TCPP9101)

Source : Team Checkpoint

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