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This weeks ‘Racer in the Spotlight’ column is slightly different in that we catch up with two racers. Not just any two racers but the Sahashi brother from Japan who can be described as the Schumachers of r/c racing. The latest signings to the Serpent factory team line up, we put 10 questions to these ultra quick brothers and here is what they had to say –

Driver Background information

Name – Yuya Sahashi
Date of birth – 26 May 1983
Nationality – Japan
Lives – Osaka
Sponsors – Serpent, Mega, Central RC
No. of years racing – 10 years
Class experience – 1/8 on-road, 1/10 200mm

Name – Tadahiko Sahashi
Date of birth – 18 March 1989
Nationality – Japan
Lives – Mie
Sponsors – Serpent, Max, Central RC
No. of years racing – 10 years
Class experience – 1/8 on-road, 1/10 200mm
Serpent – How did you become involved in the sport?sahashi02.jpg
Yuya’s Serpent 960

Same design different colours – Tadahiko’s 960


Serpent – How did you become involved in the sport?

Yuya – I began with karts first then my friend was enjoying the radio control and invited me to do together.  My father also got interested in radio control cars and decided to built his own race track (Hokusei circuit) as well as shop.
Tadahiko – Because my brother started this hobby I just followed and try to beat him!!

Serpent – How does it feel to be signed to the Serpent factory team?

Tadahiko – We always have to fight against Japanese factory team so it is really good to be members of Serpent factory team and put all our effort into keeping the Serpent car competitive at top level.

Serpent – What are your race plans for the coming season.  Will you be racing in any major international events?
Yuya – We are now concentrating on major race such as IFMAR, JMRCA, SERPENT Nitro Tour, FEMCA Championship.  We are also planning to attend IFMAR 1/8th WC in Argentina as well as Japanese Nationals.

Serpent – What has been the highlight of your racing careers to date?

Tadahiko – My first title, 1/10th Japanese Champion in 2005.
Yuya – My best result was Vice-Champion at 2004 1/8th Japanese Nationals.

Serpent – Do you ever have days that you feel like giving up?

Tadahiko – I started at 6 years old and honestly I could not enjoyed so much and was not so interested and almost gave up but when my brother started getting faster I started concentrating and wanted to be even faster than him.
Yuya – none so far at all, always enjoying every moment.

Serpent – Can you tell us a little about the rc racing scene in your country?

Tadahiko – All categories are so competitive due to that the Japanese manufactures having their own factory team so no doubt that its one of the toughest racing levels all over the world.

Serpent – Which track in Japan would you most recommend to fellow racers as being worth a visit?
Yuya – Central Racing Track(CRP) and Hokusei circuit are most recommended for both 1/8th and 1/10th nitro.

Serpent – If you were not involved in rc racing what other sport do you think you would have pursued?

Tadahiko – Real car racing.
Yuya – Maybe I would have continued kart racing.

Serpent – If you could change anything about the sport what would it be?

Yuya – If the running cost was much lower specially for nitro cars, more people can be involved and continue to do good.  One more thing would be that more female drivers would be involved making it more enjoyable for everyone!!
Tadahiko – More realistic car would be nice like 1/5th cars. I also enjoy 1/5th cars with my father now.

Source : Serpent

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