Lithuanian On-road Electric RC Car Championship 2007


Race rerort by Lina Urboniene

The final round of the Lithuanian On-road Electric RC Car Championship 2007 was held on March 17 in Kaunas. Twenty-four drivers took part in all rounds of the championship in three classes: Stock (for novice drivers), Stock (for experienced drivers), and Modified. It was the second Lithuanian championship after re-establishing independence of the Lithuanian Republic. Sporting competition and good fun were the main things for Lithuanian drivers all day Saturday.

We are proud that in all classes XRAY drivers were first in this championship and we have the first woman champion (in Stock for novice drivers).

Final results:

Stock (for Novice drivers)

1st Lina Urboniene XRAY T1FK’05
2nd Jonas Pacevieius XRAY T2

3rd Rokas Zabulionis
4th Vladislavas Jodšikas
5th Rytis Rukštelí
6th Edgaras Å nipas
7th Elvinas Puslys
8th Aurimas
9th Asta Puslien
10th Martynas Paceviéius XRAY T2
lithuania03.jpg Stock (for Experienced drivers)

1st Paulius Varnagiris XRAY T2
2nd Mindaugas Paceviéius XRAY T2

3rd Donatas Katiliauskas
4th Martynas Milaševiéius
5th Andrius Varnagiris XRAY T1FK’05


1st Evaldas Urbonas XRAY T2
2nd Sarnas Zabulionis
3rd Mindaugas Paceviéius XRAY T2
4th Valentinas Pumputis
5th Robertas Daskeviéius
6th Tomas Riuka

Source : XRAY

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