HB Cyclone D4 at the 2007 Cactus Classic


March 16th – 18th saw one of the biggest electric off-road races in the RC calendar – The 2007 Cactus Classic – which took place in Arizona, USA. This famous race is held annually at the Scottsdale R/C Speedway (SRS) racetrack and 2007 saw its 21st year!

The 20th anniversary of this prestigious race seemed a fitting time to introduce Hot Bodies’ new 4WD electric Buggy, the Cyclone D4. Three drivers from Team HB made the trip over, all of whom were racing the D4 in the 4WD Modified Class and were hoping to really prove the buggy’s potential.


The Speedway track, although not large in itself, has some serious fluctuation in terrain to really test the D4’s durability and handling. Despite the blistering heat that was well into the 90’s, the D4s (and the drivers!) coped well with the conditions and produced consistent results, with Atsushi Hara claiming a respectable 6th place in qualifying – ensuring his passage into the A Main. Even the other drivers seemed to turn their attention to the Cyclone D4 as they saw the potential from the ‘new chassis’ in the class!


Source : HB Europe

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