Team Corally – RDX – US Spec


US Spec :

  • Front Differential
  • Rear Differential
  • 6 Deg Caster Blocks
  • Hard Silver Springs

  • Lowest COG on the market
  • Narrowest chassis on the market
  • Equal length left and right rear bulkheads
  • Easy accessible diffs
  • Optimised weight distribution with equal weight on all 4 wheels
  • Easy adjustment and replacement of roll centre couplers
  • Improved steering geometry
  • Lower overall weight
  • Improved diff, spool and 1-way pulleys
  • Replaceable centre pulleys are used on the duraluminium spur gear adapter.
  • All pulleys are optionally available in several sizes for optimised internal ratio on long and short tracks with either brushed or brushless motors.
  • Adjustable wheelbase settings: standard 264 mm RDX wheelbase or short 256 mm wheelbase without sacrificing the driveshaft alignment. Fine wheelbase tuning by hingepin spacers.
  • New wishbone design
  • Pre-shaped battery slots
  • Improved swaybar mounting system
  • Hard anodised duraluminium pivot balls


Source : Team Corally

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