Hirosaka Matched HE4500


The master mechanic ‘ wide ‘ with the matched battery by collaboration

Wide’ as for matched here is different.
– You sell when in every 6 cells it is soldered with the ROCHE make battery bar
The measurable quantity really differs with the data which was measured in every cell and 6 cells with a state where it is united. The HIROSAKA MATCHED battery 6 cells does data measurement when it is united.
– The detailed data encloses in all batteries
The data measures when it is close to flow phase on the basis of the encounter experience of the wide hill person. Efficiency of battery”TOTAL”,
Point appraisalof each 100point perfect score is done matched condition as “MATCHED”.

In each battery, management number,it meaningthatthe seal which inscribes the result and the like of TOTAL and MATCHED simply is pasted, it can verify the efficiency of the battery at the glance.
Enclosing the detailed data in all packs. Almost the fact that is indicated 6 these graphs which draw the same line, are the genuine matched battery which does not have the lie.


Three Different model to choice:

HIROSAKA Matched HE4500 JACK- Yen 9,800
HIROSAKA Matched HE4500 QUEEN  – Yen 12,500
HIROSAKA Matched HE4500 KING – Yen 14,800

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