1st Dutch Championship round in Rucphen

John Ermen

Team Serpent Netherlands driver Rob Kuijper reports on the opening round of the Dutch National 1:8 Championships which say Serpent get there 2007 home campaign off to a great start.

Jordy Block

All existing laptime and qualifying records were broken on the ultra fast track in Rucphen, host of many international events. Saturday’s practise already showed the potential of the record breaking laptimes that were in the air!

Under blue skies and 15 degrees temperature racing started, with 3 rounds of qualifying, first record breaker was young talent and Serpent 960/Mega driver Jordy Blok who broke into the magic 23 laps zone, with a 23 laps 5:10, something that was prior to this race impossible! Also lasting the full 5 minutes was something special since fuel consumption was always a big issue here!

John Ermen new to the Serpent Team in 2007 was going even faster than Jordy in round 2 and broke the magic 23 with 5:07!!!  His NovaRossi powered 960 was incredible. This record could not be broken or Could it?

After Round 3 it was like this for the top 4 direct qualifiers:

1. John Ermen – Serpent 960/NovaRossi/Xceed
2. Rick Vrielijnck – Mugen mrx4r/Ninja/GRP
3. Jordy Blok – Serpent 960/Mega MF/Xceed
4. Rob Kuijper – Serpent 960/Mega MF/Xceed

For the Semi Finals there were some hotshots who were fighting for the final 6 slots into the A Main, the Semi’s were very exciting and close and showing some drama also, so if that was a sign of what was coming for the 30 minute final it would be a thriller!

After a clean start it was John Ermen who took off and was leading the final from start to finish with his perfectly prepared Serpent 960, hotly persued by Rick Vrielijnck and Jordy Blok in the first minutes, Jordy had to back off after having some troubles on the rostrum, recovering later but all chanches for a podium were gone…

Rick Was safely in second and pushing hard to close in on John but John had it all under control and finished a perfect weekend in style !! Third place was Ilia van Gastel who was running strong, he was the only one making a tyre stop for the right hand tyres and thus was running very strong in the final minutes, closing the gap on Rick every lap.  Also very well on the pace was Serpent driver Danny Leewis with his Mega powered 960 he was getting really into the groove again after a long winter break, Danny was a well deserved 4th place.


Dutch 1:8 National Championship
Round 1, Rucphen
Final Result

1. John Ermen – Serpent 960/NovaRossi/Xceed Tyres (NL) – 130 laps in 30:11.959 – FL 13.329
2. Rick Vrielijnck – Mugen/Ninja/grp (NL) – 129 laps in 30:02.599 – FL 13.296
3. Ilia van Gastel – Kyosho/Sirio/kyosho (B) – 129  laps in 30:08.815 – FL 13.344
4. Danny Leewis – Serpent 960/Mega MF/Xceed Tyres (NL) – 126 laps in 30:03.522 – FL 13.553
5. Michiel Renting – Mugen/RB/enneti (NL) – 125    laps in 30:00.822 – FL 13.465
6. Ronald Schouten – Mugen/JP/ats (NL) – 124 laps in 30:12.812 – FL 13.681
7. Rob Kuijper – Serpent/Mega MF/Xceed Tyres (NL) – 122 laps in 30:08.188 – FL 13.650
8. Jordy Blok – Serpent/Mega MF/Xceed Tyres (NL)    – 120 laps in 30:01.602 – FL 13.399
9. Rik Veenma -   Mugen/Ninja/grp (NL) – 116 laps in 29:00.110 – FL 13.577
DQ.Daniel van der Drift – Motonica/NovaRossi/spm (NL) – 125 laps in 30:07.101 – FL 13.394
Disqualified (underweight)

Great win and debut for John Ermen with his new ride.  Also perfect performance for the new Xceed tyres which were the “black magic” giving John the edge over the competition in tyre wear and grip !

In the Nomac Class which also run on the same day, it was young Miquel Hereijgers driving his 960 to a deserved win, in the action packed final with only 3 cars finishing the race….!


Dutch 1:8 Nomac Championship
Round 1, Rucphen
Final Result

1. Miquel Hereijgers – Serpent 960/NovaRossi/fast (NL) – 122 laps in 30:04.703 – FL 13.790
2. Michel Nijman – Motonica/NovaRossi/n/a (NL) – 110 laps in 30:17.243 – FL 14.505
3. Arie Manten – Mugen/Ninja/grp (NL) – 95 laps in 24:28.606 – FL 13.958



Source : Serpent

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