Axial – .28 RR Engine


You already know how well the Axial 28 Spec 1s performed. Now it is time to take things to a whole new level with the Axial 28RR Spec 1. The 28RR is designed to rev higher while still maintaining superior levels of torque. The new engine head offers a lower center of gravity as well as increased cooling capacity.

Axial engines include ABC construction, Composite 3 needle carburetor, 7 port design, reliable pull start, and incredible performance! We use the highest quality materials and the latest CAD and CNC techniques to maintain the maximum quality level possible. Axial engines are also dyno tested to ensure the best level of performance possible.

The 28RR Spec 1 is a .28 cubic inch big block engine featuring a machined cast aluminum heat-sink head for extra cooling, dual bushing aluminum connecting rod, true ABC chrome sleeve construction for durability, and a three needle 9.0mm slide carburetor (including 8.0 & 8.5mm optional venturi’s) with a composite body for better performance at higher temperatures. The carburetor features a factory re-set line on the high speed needle, and flush needles making re-setting, to baseline factory specifications, quick and easy. There is also an optional Turbo Button head available.

This is a direct bolt-in replacement engine for any .21+ engine mount, and will accept most aftermarket shaft drive starting systems.

Axial 28RR Spec 1
Size: .28 cubic inch/2.09cc
Maximum RPM: 38,500
Bore: 18.25mm
Stroke: 17.5mm
Construction: ABC
Heat-sink Head: Green Anodized (optional Grey available)
Carburetor: 9.0mm Composite Slide Carburetor (includes optional 8.0 & 8.5mm venturi’s)
Carburetor Adjustments: 3 Needle, Flush Settings
Case: Black Aluminum, Rear Exhaust
Connecting Rod: Dual Bushing
Sleeve: 7 port
Starting system: Pullstarter
Recommended Glow Plug: Cold-5 Power Plug

• Lower CG engine head with increased cooling capacity
• True ABC construction
• Standard button head (optional turbo head available)
• Pull start – no starter box or roto-start needed (optional bumpstart back plate or roto-start backplate available)

Source : Axial

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