CEN – MG10


Wider is better! The MG10 is wider than most 1/10th scale trucks, this means higher cornering speeds and easy handling. Life is complicated enough, driving an RC shouldn’t be. CEN Sport’s durable composite construction lets the MG10 survive the bumps and crashes a RC truck goes through. But not only is CEN Sport’s composite blend tough, it allows the MG10 to be lightweight, which means faster acceleration than the competition. Best of all the MG10 is ready to rock out of the box.

The MG10’s 4WD can go places its 2WD competition can’t. A 4WD is faster in a high performance environment as well due to the fact that the truck can push and pull itself out of a turn. The 4WD drivetrain of the MG10 gives the truck added stability while driving in rough areas and is less likely to spin out.

4WD is user friendly and perfect for the nitro novice. You can spend more time driving instead of worrying about spinning out. The MG10 is also easier to jump due to the gyro effect of the 4WD while in mid air. Blip the throttle in mid air to keep from nose diving and stab the brakes to bring the front end down. CEN Sport designed the MG10 with one thing in mind, FUN!!!


Source : CEN Racing

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