Futaba FASSTâ„¢ Module / Receiver Sets for 2.4GHz


New design for cleaner, safer, and secure installation –
Unlike other modules, Futaba’s FASST System modules don’t have external wires that can get in the way of the transmitter, or possibly get pulled out or disconnected.

One-piece receiver – for easier installation –
The R606FS and R607FS are small enough to use with park flyers, but powerful enough to easily control giant-scale planes, Futaba’s line of 2.4GHz receivers is truly state of the art. In addition to not requiring a second receiver for park flyers, Futaba’s receivers boast higher sensitivity for less unwanted interference.

Quick and easy to use –
No need to screw or clamp pieces to the Futaba units. Simply plug them in and fly!

Works with existing Futaba radios –

TM-7: 7-Channel Module and R607FS 7-Channel Receiver
Designed for the Futaba 9C radio, but also works with the 8U, 7U, and 9Z.
TM-8: 8-Channel Module and R608FS 8-Channel Receiver
Works with the 9C and 9Z systems, as well as 8U and 7U.
TM-14: 14-Channel Module and R6014FS 14-Channel Receiver
Fits the 14MZ, 12Z, and the NEW 12FG radio.
*Capable of using all 14 channels with Futaba Module/Receiver set
7-Channel Spread Spectrum   In stock: Late Spring
R607FS 7CH Receiver   FUTL7637
TM-7 Module   FUTL8927
TM-7 w/ R607FS Receiver   FUTL8950
8-Channel Spread Spectrum   In stock: Early Summer
R608FS 8CH Receiver   FUTL7638
TM-8 Module   FUTL8928
TM-8 w/ R608FS Receiver   FUTL8952
14-Channel Spread Spectrum   In stock: Early Summer
R6014FS 14CH Receiver   FUTL7644
TM-14 Module   FUTL8934
TM-14 w/R6014FS Receiver   FUTL8956
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