LRP – Pulsar Competition 3


LRP continues now with the Pulsar Competition 3 the success series of the Pulsar Competition 2 and presents a trend-setting loader with many High Tech features!

Several times praemiert with the American R/C Car Action of reader Choice Award and the profit of altogether 4 world champion titles are the Pulsar Competition loader the first choice under the R/C Car drivers!

Product characteristics:

NiMH – LiPo – NiCd
* High-speed shop: 1-8 cells (NiMH/NiCd), 1-3 cells (LiPo), 0.1A to 10.0A, even during the loading procedure changeable.
* 2 load procedures: Linear & multi-steps with PCS-4 and adjustable delta peak (5-95mV)
* autorestart system and autostart timer
* NiMH and LiPo Akkus may be stored never completely unloaded. The practical Anladefunktion of the Pulsar Competition 3 makes it for you possible by push of a button a certain value, e.g. 1000 mAh load into your Akku. Their advantage: optimal storage & optimal life span.

Unload NiMH – LiPo – of NiCd
* Discharge current adjustable from 0.1A to 10.0A, even during the discharge process. Announcement of unloading time, capacity and average tension. Steplessly adjustable unloading conclusion tension 0.9V – 9.0V.
* Matching mode: automatic

* Steplessly adjustable output voltage of 1.0V – 12.0V/20A
* To let run in perfectly over engines and for the voltage supply of collector turning lathes, 7.2V soldering iron, tire heating covers, u.v.m


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