Peak Racing – Vantage BL Brushless


Peak Racing continues to bring the latest technology to the R/C racing community. The all-new Vantage BL brushless motor is the latest in a long line of electric motor advancements. Vantage brushless technology increases power output and efficiency to push vehicles to faster speeds with increased run times. Brushes, springs, and commutators are now relics of the past. The absence of these high maintenance items means drivers can spend more time improving their skills and car set-ups rather than performing motor rebuilds.

Engineered and developed by leaders in brushless motor industry and track tested by Peak’s world class factory drivers, the Vantage BL has passed the true test in the hands of the best and is ready to change the way drivers experience R/C racing. More power, more speed, more run time, with less maintenance is every R/C racer’s dream come true!

Highly versatile, he Vantage BL’s design allows it to be used with today’s leading sensored AND sensorless brushless ESCs.

·Neodymium Sintered Rotor improves efficiency, power output, drivability, and reliability
·Mega Flow Air Cooling incorporates strategically placed vents and an internal fan to lower operating temperatures resulting in maximum power throughout the duration of a run, increased run times, and superior braking
·Precision CNC Machined Can Assembly insures perfect ball bearing and rotor alignment
·Adjustable Timing allows fine tuning for any condition
·Dual Ball Bearings for maximum RPM
·Meets International Racing Specifications and can be used by racers worldwide
·Developed and Tested by Champions such as David Spashett, Rick Hohwart, and Joe Pillars
·Available in Several Versions to suit any application

PEK75000 Vantage BL 3.5
PEK75001 Vantage BL 4.5
PEK75002 Vantage BL 5.5
PEK75003 Vantage BL 6.5
PEK75004 Vantage BL 7.5
PEK75005 Vantage BL 10.5

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