RB – Concept C6BB T7


Team Edition

The RB Concept C6BB is now as popular as the world famous and 3 time’s world Champion RB Concept WS7III! This engine drives the racers crazy during the international events with its wide power band and incredibly smooth accelerations.

For the international team drivers it is the best off Road engine ever designed! During the year, they made thousands hours of test to prove a new combustion chamber with turbo plug to improve the overall yield of the engine, and a 7mm ventury to improve traction. With these features, the fuel consumption drops and the drivability is increased specially on the low traction tracks. This helped the International team to catch most of the national and international events all over the world.

That’s why RB decided to add these features to its world famous RB Concept C6BB and released the RB Concept C6BB 7T in order to offer to anybody the opportunity of driving the same engine as Guillaume Vray, Yannick Aigoin, Daniel Reckward, Linus Thern, David Crompton….. or yourself!

Source : RB

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