HB – Cyclone S RTR with Moore-Speed Dodge Stratus Body


The ultimate club racer gets the RTR treatment!

They Cyclone S kit has been amazingly popular with club racers looking for the fastest car for the money. Now, this fabulous kit is available as a pre-assembled RTR car for an even quicker and easier entry to the club racing scene! Factory-made to exacting specifications, the Cyclone S RTR will feature everything that makes the Cyclone S a fantastic buy: World Championship-winning racing geometry, fantastic attention to detail, reinforced composite chassis and shock towers, front and rear ball differentials, aluminium motor mount and full adjustability of critical race-tuning settings like camber, caster, toe, Ackerman, ride height, droop and roll centre!

The Cyclone S RTR also has complete upgradeability with existing Moorespeed World Championship Edition Cyclone options, including all woven graphite and anodized aluminium parts! Every single optional chassis, shock tower, bulkhead, pivot block and shock absorber will fit directly to the Cyclone S RTR!

The Cyclone S RTR will be available with one of two different pre-painted racing bodyshells: the all-around Dodge Stratus or high-grip Mazda 6!

The Cyclone S RTR is a can’t-miss deal and a can’t-lose idea – fantastic value with a Worlds-beating pedigree!

Cyclone S 1/10th Scale Touring Car Specifications:

Chassis Length: 365mm
Width: 190mm
Wheelbase: 258mm
Kit Weight: 1480g
Drive System: 4WD belt drive
Camber: adjustable
Caster: 4 degrees
Toe-In: Front/Adjustable Rear/3 degrees
Down-Stops: adjustable
Ride Height: adjustable
Bump-Steer: adjustable
Anti-dive/Kick-up: 0 degrees
Drive Ratio: 2.4375

Pre-assembled chassis with radio gear and motor installed
Painted and trimmed bodyshell
Carbon Plastic
– Caster Blocks
– Front Knuckle Arm
– Rear Hubs
– Motor Mount Plate
– Middle Block Plate
– Chassis
– Upper Deck
– Middle Deck
– Shock Towers
– Bulkheads
– Pivot Blocks
Full Ball Bearings
Adjustable camber links
Ball Differential (Front/Rear)
Plastic Shocks
Glued Tyres






Source : HB

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