HB – Cyclone Setup Sheets


We’ve gathered together all of the latest Cyclone touring car setups in one place, so racers can find the optimal tuning advice for any situation! Currently, all the car setups are from IFMAR 2006-7 ISTC World Champion Andy Moore, and we’ll be adding more as the 2007 season heats up!

A blank setup sheet is also available for you to fill in, allowing you to share setup tips with racing buddies and keep track of what works best at all the tracks you visit.

Get organized and get fast! HB Cyclone setups are here!

The Cyclone D4 also has its own dedicated setup sheet page! Currently the blank setup sheet is available, however you will be able to see how the car can be tuned for any type of racing surface. More setups will be coming as the off-road team travels the world in 2007.

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Source : HB

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