Spektrum – DX3R DSM2 3 CH Surface Radio


While DX3R’s intelligently designed ergonomics are the first thing that catches the eye, it is the superior responsiveness of its advanced 2.4GHz DSM2 technology that will get people talking. In addition to unparalleled freedom and interference protection, DSM2 has a faster response time than any other spread spectrum or PPM system. With it, you will be able to hold the “line” around a track with a level of precision and control unlike anything you have experienced before. And because DSM2 uses direct sequence spread spectrum technology, you’ll maintain this superior response rate no matter how “noisy” the 2.4GHz environment gets.

Key Features

* 30 model memory
* Digital trims
* Graphically depicted exponential
* Graphically depicted travel adjustment
* Trim rate adjustment
* Steering dual rate
* Steering dual rate override
* Frame rate
* Servo monitor
* Switch assignment
* Model reset
* Model copy
* Sub Trims
* 3 timer functions: countdown, count up and integrated



Source : Spektrum

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