BRCA Modified Championship – 1st Round


Craig Drescher took the new Associated TC5 to its first UK win at the first round of the BRCA modified championships this weekend.

Craig using a pre-production kit rather than the prototype version he campaigned towards the end of 2006, was immediatley on the pace in the first round of qualifying and was a contender all day long. Craig put the new car 3rd on the grid just 3 seconds away from TQ despite coming through the pack which he thought to have cost him about 2 seconds. The first final saw Craig get a great launch of the grid, only to get caught up up with a slow starting Chris Grainger which resulted in Craig having his wing broken so he chose to park up and wait for the second final.

In the second final Craig got a clean start and was with leader Andy Moore and Chris Grainger. Chris made an overtaking attempt which didn’t come off which left Craig to challenge Andy. Craig was clearly the quicker of the two was looking inside and out to make a pass on Andy when suddenly Andy’s car lost drive allowing Craig to go through and control the pace to take the win.



Craig was using the Novak Velociti 3.5 Brushless system to power his car.

Source : CML Distribution

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