HPI – Titanium Drift Spring


1.6N/mm (#6556:1.760N/mm, #6557:1.938N/mm, #6558:2.087N/mm, #6559:2.260N/mm)

With HPI Racing Titanium Drift Springs, you can get into sideways fun and action quickly and easily! Tuned for the best drift action you can get, you’ll be able to maximise the drift characteristics of any touring car chassis with these superb linear titantium tuning springs.

Sold in pairs. Get the complete set and be fully equipped for any track conditions!

#6555 TITANIUM DRIFT SPRING 14x27x1.6mm 7.5coils (Orange/2pcs)
#6556 TITANIUM DRIFT SPRING 14x27x1.6mm 7coils (Yellow/2pcs)
#6557 TITANIUM DRIFT SPRING 14x27x1.8mm 9coils (Red/2pcs)
#6558 TITANIUM DRIFT SPRING 14x27x1.8mm 8.5coils (Green/2pcs)
#6559 TITANIUM DRIFT SPRING 14x27x1.8mm 8coils (Blue/2pcs)

Source : HPI

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