BRCA Mod Nationals – 1st Round


Overall standings below
1. Chris Grainger
2. Ben Cosgrove XRAY T2’007
3. Olly Jefferies
4. Andy Moore
5. Craig Drescher
6. Lee Woodhams
7. Chris Ashton
8. Adam Rogers
9. Sam Smith
10. Andy Childs
11. Darren Styles XRAY T2’007
18. Mark Gilliland XRAY T2’007

Overall qualifying positions
1. Andy Moore
2. Chris Grainger
3. Craig Drescher
4. Ben Cosgrove XRAY T2’007
5. Olly Jefferies
6. Lee Woodhams
7. Adam Rogers
8. Chris Ashton
9. Andy Childs
10. Sam Smith
12. Darren Styles XRAY T2’007
16. Mark Gilliland XRAY T2’007

The finals were going to be very close with the top 5 drivers covered by a few seconds it was going to be tight. In leg 1 Andy got away clean and Ben managed to get past Craig and Chris in to turn 1. Chris put Ben under pressure at the start whilst Andy pulled a 3 second lead. Ben then pulled away from Chris and closed in on Andy to within a second and ran out of time before he could do anything about the lead Andy had pulled.

In leg 2 the top 5 cars all pulled away from the other cars and had some close racing. Chris hit Andy which allowed Craig to close in with Ben hot on the heels. Chris recovered and then hit Ben dropping them back and letting Olly take third. Andy then had a problem and retired allowing Craig to take the win followed by Chris, Olly and Ben.

Source : Xray

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