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RC18T & RC18MT Front & Rear Shock Towers
RC18T, RC18MT & RC18B A-arms
RC18T, RC18MT, RC18B & RC18R Wide Front Bumper

RC18T & RC18MT Front & Rear Shock Towers



RPM Shock Towers for the Associated RC18T & RC18MT are super strong and have several cool features built right in. The front body mounts are molded flat against the tops of the shockExtended Body Posts for Added Durability mounting areas, eliminating a potential weak spot. The front body posts have been extended to add some extra grind resistance when the truck flips over. We’ve beefed up areas surrounding vital mounting points on both the front and rear shock towers while still maintaining stock suspension geometry. We’ve also made it much easier to add extended body posts to these shock towers for users wanting SUV style bodies (requires the use of Assoc. #8874 – TC3 Body Posts). A set of RPM front & rear shock towers weighs in at the exact same weight as the stock versions – super strength without weight gains!

RPM 18T & 18MT Shock Towers are molded in our trademark blend of ultra-tough nylons and are sold in either blue or black. Each RPM shock tower is backed by the best breakage warranty in the R/C industry as well. Each kit comes with one front and one rear shock tower.

RC18T, RC18MT & RC18B A-arms70075.jpg

RPM A-arms for the RC18T, RC18MT & RC18B have been meticulously engineered for strength and durability. These A-arms have beefed up hinge pin areas, shock mounts, and arm rails for the ultimate in 1/18th scale muscle! We even went so far as to move the hinge-pin retaining hole further away from the hinge-pin and incorporated a mini clamp to hold the hinge pin in place, thereby helping strengthen an otherwise weak area of the arm.

RC18T/MT/B A-arms – BlackCombining a set of RPM 1/18th scale Associated A-arms with one of our RC18T/MT/B Wide Front Bumpers (#70032 or #70035) will give these wild little trucks the muscle and durability they so desperately need.

RPM RC18T/MT/B A-arms are backed by our industry proven breakage warranty and are sold in pairs. Each package contains all necessary hardware and mounting instructions.

RC18T, RC18MT, RC18B & RC18R Wide Front Bumper

RPM is proud to offer a wide front bumper to help protect the fragile front-end components of the Associated RC18T, RC18MT, RC18B & RC18R. Our wide front bumper has all sorts of cool features that are bound to impress any RC18T/MT/B/R owner.

*This RPM bumper is thicker than the stock version and wider for 3-5/16 of front-end protection!
*The extra width of the bumper helps protect the fragile front shocks.
*Our bumpers are not bolt-on-over-the-stock versions; our wide front bumpers completely replace the stock version.
*The mounting screw holes are countersunk and recessed into the RPM wide front bumper preventing impacts from damaging the screw heads.
*RPM nylons are much stronger than the stock material preventing the hinge pins from blowing out the side of the A-arm mounts.
*RPM bumpers carry the RPM lifetime breakage warranty.
*We’ve tightened the tolerances for less suspension slop while still maintaining free motion of the A-arms.
*We reduced the front angle of the bumper from the stock 65 degrees to a more ‘bumper friendly’ 35 degrees.RC18T Wide Front Bumper – Black

All of these features come in a product that weights in at a mere 1.5 grams heavier than the stock part – lightweight & bulletproof!

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