CRC Carpet Knife Generation X Sweeps Canadian Challenge


Parma’s Paul Ciccarello wins 19 turn 1/12th

Pete D’Agnolo dominates 1/12th stock, T.Q. & Win

Both drivers pilot a CRC Generation X

Paul Ciccarello continued his dominance of Canada following up a January win at Fastcats with yet another win at the 2007 Canadian Challenge in early April. Paul again won the A-main 1/12th 19 turn class with his CRC Carpet Knife Generation X car 

Paul used the new left rear bulkhead and CRC’s new micro rear left clamp hub. In the A-main, 8 of the 10 cars were CRC! Another dominating performance. Look for Paul’s setup on the site soon.

In 1/12th stock, oval specialist Pete D’Agnolo proved to the world something that the Rome, NY based CRC team already knew; that he is also VERY fast on road course as well. Pete has made his way out to CRC’s test track on a few occasions and he performed very well. While Pete is known for oval and horsepower, the young man from western NY is also very quick on the road course.

Pete took T.Q. in the 1/12th stock class at the Fastcats Canadian Challenge and never looked back. His top qualifying run was almost 1 lap faster than the second place competitor. In the A-main, Pete went on to win with CRC drivers Brian Wynn and Wayne Vince rounding out the all CRC podium. Speaking of rounding out the field, in the Stock A-main the top 8 cars were CRC, with 9 of the 10 drivers chose the CRC Generation X.

Source : Team CRC

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