2007 Fintrack National – Round 4


Round 4 of the 2007 Fintrack Nationals was held at the Laukaa track in a mid-size sports hall. This was the last indoor race of the Fintrack Nationals… after indoor racing season it’s time to go out and there will be four races more. The track layout was good and challenging. The track sides were made from metal drainpipes and that caused a lot of retirements over the weekend. All of the fastest drivers (except Teemu Leino) were there.


Top ten Qualify:
1. Juho Levänen
2. Crister Andersson
3. Simo Ahoniemi
4. Pekka Koivula XRAY T2´007
5. Kalle lehto
6. Ari Salminen
7. Sebastian Trazska
8. Teemu Rytsy
9. Ivan Laptev XRAY T2´007
10. Joni MinkkinenFinals

After three close finals with some stop-and-go’s and broken cars, it was again Juho Levänen who took 1st place ahead of Simo Ahoniemi (2nd) and Pekka Koivula (3rd).

Final results – Modified:
1. Juho Levänen
2. Simo Ahoniemi
3. Pekka Koivula XRA2´007
4. Christer Andersson
5. Kalle Lehto
6. Ivan Laptev XRAY T2´007
7. Teemu Rytsy
8. Ari Salminen
9. Joni Minkkinen
10. Sebastian Trzaska

Final results – Prostock:
In Prostock, Janne Valtanen was again the man to beat, and he didn’t let us down and won the race. Henry Salmen was 2nd, and Risto Koskinen was 3rd with his TEAM XRAY T2.

TOP 3:
1. Janne Valtanen XRAY T2
2. Henry Salmen
3. Risto Koskinen XRAY T2

After the indoor part of the series top standings are in different classes as follows.


1. Juho Levänen
2. Pekka Koivula XRAY T2´007
3. Simo Ahoniemi
4. Christer Andersson
5. Viljami Kutvonen
6. Sebastian Trzaska
7. Ari Salminen
8. Teemu Rytsy
9. Teemu Leino XRAY T2´007
10. Teppo Kauppinen XRAY T2´007


1. Janne Valtanen XRAY T2
2. Henry Salmén
3. Ari Lappi
4. Santeri Jokinen
5. Jyri Konoila
6. Risto Koskinen XRAY T2
7. Jussi Neirola
8. Arto Heinonen XRAY T2´007
9. Joni Hiltunen XRAY T2´007
10. Björn Söderg?rd

Source : Xray

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