Ferrari VS Xray NT1


Many people know the classical story of David and Goliath. This classical confrontation will soon be reborn with different players on the stage; the brand new XRAY NT1 playing the role of David will come face-to-face with Goliath… a full-size Ferrari sports car! Ferrari and XRAY are the most admired brands in their fields… both are leading edge manufacturers producing engineering marvels of premium precision, hand-crafted quality… undeniably innovative leaders with passion and heritage. It was an obvious choice to have a Ferrari enter the same type of stable in the realm of model cars – where XRAY reigns supreme.

European TV – the Austrian ORF – has prepared a special duel… an all-out speed contest between a full-sized Ferrari and the brand new XRAY NT1. Both high-tech, powerful cars will compete at a 100m speed track to see if David will once again triumph over Goliath. History may again be in the making… who will win?

Source : Xray

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