1:10 EC-B Interview with Mazzeo & Cuypers

15 Years old Alessio Mazzeo From Italy

Youri Mestdag caught up with two young Serpent chargers during the final practice day for the 2007 EFRA European Championship 1:10 B which is taking place in Belgium this week and put 8 questions to the two Serpent 720 racers.

Background information

Name: Alessio Mazzeo
Country: Italy
Age: 15
Started driving at the age of: 7
Car & Engine: Serpent – Max power
Sponsor: Serpent – Max – Viper fuel – Sprint RC

Name: Nick Cuypers
Country: Belgium
Age: 24
Started driving at the age of: 15
Car & Engine: Serpent – Mega MF
Sponsor: Serpent Modelsport – Gammalube fuel
Enneti – Giant RC-car- colors


Youri – What about the event and the organisation?
Alessio – It’s well organised.
Nick – The organisation is OK, everbody from the team does his best to make it an excellent race.

Youri – What do you think about the track?
Alessio – I like the track very much. It’s very fast, but not easy to go fast. Some complain a little about some dust in the morning, but I’m in a high heat, so I don’t have to worry about that.
Nick – Knowing the track is here for only 1 year, the team has done an excellent job. It’s a very fast track, I like it very much.

Youri – How are you doing in the timed practise?
Alessio – I’m fast, but not yet fast enough. I’m in second place after two practise runs.
Nick – Not so good. I tried some different setups today. But none seem to be working better for me. I think I’ll get back to the setup, which I used for the Belgian Championship. That one was doing great for me.

Youri – Do you think you have a chance to win? And what about the competition?
Alessio – I hope so. Maybe, we will see. I’ll try to do all my best. It could be a very hard competition. But I still think I have a chance, as I started driving when I was very young.
Nick – Competition is very high. Apart from some top pilots, this could be an EC A. It will be hard to win, but I’ll do my best.

Youri – What is your best result in the last few years?
Alessio – I was in 5th place in the Italian championship last year. And I finished 13th in the EC A in Halifax (GB) in 2005.
Nick – I was Belgian champion in 2005 and second last year. I was 14th in the EC A in Heemstede (NL) last year.

Youri – How did you start with R/C-racing?
Alessio – My father had an accident with his rally car, from then on, he started to take me to the track for R/C-racing.
Nick – My late father and brother have been driving for a long time, so I followed their lead.

Youri – Do you have family members in R/C?
Alessio – No, i’m the only one for now.
Nick – Yes, my brother, Steven Cuypers. He’s driving 1/8, I think he’s very good.

Youri – Will you compete in other European event in the future?
Alessio – Yes, all 1/10th scale event
Nick – Yes, I think so.

Youri – If we could bring an EC A 1/10th to this track, would you come?
Alessio – Yes, certainly.
Nick – Yes, for sure. It’s in my home country.

Nick Cuypers

Source : Serpent

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