XB8 Wins Italian Championship Round 2


Flash news: Riccarod Perin won with this XRAY XB8EC the 2nd round of Italian Championshiop, one of the most competitive races fully loaded with some of the best European off-road drivers. The Italian Team XRAY was the most successful team and at the end placed 5x XB8EC into the final, making the XB8EC the most successful car of the second round of Italian Championship.

Results of the Italian Championship Rnd2:

1.) Riccardo Perin – XRAY XB8EC
2.) Carlo Jacopini
3.) Fabio Boero
4.) Fabio Zanuccoli
5.) Alex Laffranchi – XRAY XB8EC
6.) Giacomo Vignali
7.) Fabrizio Teghesi
8.) Davide Tortorici
9.) Marco Grandesso
10.) Matteo Facchi – XRAY XB8EC
12.) Alessandro Cavagnis – XRAY XB8EC
13.) Matteo Dapporto – XRAY XB8EC

Source : Xray

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