Robitronic – New Sniper Tools

New professional Robitronic “Sniper Tools” are now available.


The large ergonomic aluminium handle fit your hand comfortably for easier wrench turns.
The tips are hardened and guaranteed long life. Each handle is marked by an indication size.

RS618 Sniper Hex Wrench 3,0mm
RS612B Sniper Hex Wrench 2,0mm Ballend
RS613B Sniper Hex Wrench 2,5mm Ballend

RS661 Slotted Screw Driver (4mm)
RS663 Slotted Screw Driver (5mm)
RS666 Slotted Screw Driver (3mm)

RS662 Philips Screw Driver (4mm)
RS664 Philips Screw Driver (5mm)
RS667 Philips Screw Driver (3,5mm)

RS665 Manifold Spring Tool

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