EC-B Interview with Alex Thurston


While 15-year-old Italian Alessio Mazzeo was making a name for himself as a future star of the sport by winning the first ever 1:10 EC-B title another young talent was emerging in Belgium.

At almost half the age of the new EC-B Champion, 8-year-old Alex Thurston was the youngest competitor at the event and Youri Mestdag caught up with the Serpent racers for a quick chat.

Background Information

Name – Alex Thurston
Age – 8 years old
Nationality – English
Experience – 1 & 1/2 years racing
Car – Serpent 720
Engine – Mega MF


Youri – How did you come up with the idea of racing RC cars?
Alex – My dad began with RC racing just before me, when I saw the speed of these little cars for the first time I wanted a car just like that.

Youri – What do you love about this sport?
Alex – Everything!!!! It’s a fantastic sport. But if I had to choose I would say the speed and the camping. When you see these cars racing, the speed is just fantastic. And after the race there is also a lot of fun at the camping but I hate the long journey’s.

Youri – How do you see yourself growing in this sport?
Alex – I hope that in the future I will be a Serpent sponsored driver. If this would happen in the future, it would be a dream that comes true.

Youri – What do you think of this track and the organization?
Alex – Very nice track!! I like this track very much, its fast and technical and there is a lot of grip. Also the organization is very good. The people here in Belgium are very nice to me.

Youri – Who is your hero?
Alex – Michael Salven, he’s a nice guy and drives very good. He also knows everything about the car.

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