Serpent – F180


The Serpent F180 was developed with a dream in mind of creating the world’s best gas powered, scale Formula car. After three years of development this all new revolutionary platform is complete, bringing together stunning looks, great handling, F1-style technology all combined in an easy-to-use, high-performance race car.

The F180 has been designed to fit the shape constraints of a modern Formula car and therefore features many innovations that include the use of inboard suspension (previously pioneered by Serpent) which uses pushrods and rockers to act upon pre-built inboard RCC shock absorbers at both the front and rear of the car. Sporting a radical new front braking system, when combined with the conventional rear disk brake system the total braking power and performance of this 2WD car allow for smooth, strong, controllable stops. To further obtain the scale looks of a Formula race car, the F180 features a lay down engine mounting system that prevents the engine from sticking out of the body shell and ruining the aesthetics, whilst the use of realistic-looking and fully-functional front and rear wings and grooved rubber tires completes the overall Formula look that screams “performance.”


The Serpent F180 in Brief

– 1/8th scale basis
– Push-rod suspension front and rear
– Rear gear-differential with belt-drive system
– Disk-brake system front and rear
– 2-speed gearbox
– 2-wheel drive
– Centax II clutch system
– Realistic high quality pre cut Formula body-shell
– Glued rubber F180 tyres & foam

Source : Serpent

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