Kyosho – 1/12 GP 4WD Racing Car


Kyosho release the new “シリオ 09”, a 1/12 GP 4WD racing car, and will arrive in 2007 July.   Base on the Mini-Inferno 09, Kyosho develop its new 1/12 racing machine, which using the “SIRIO” developed engine.   In order to utitlize the power, the chassis is newly develop.   In the power train of 4WD + 2 speed A/T, and front one-way and also a high level suspension system.   Its aims on easy setup so that everyone will be easily enjoying the car.


The Rear Axle support is newly develop.


Front is using the king pin coil suspension to ensure sharp cornering.


Fuel Tank is 38cc




  • The new category, 1/12 scale GP racing cars appears with the chassis of advancement!
  • Racing efficiency of the excellence due to 2 belt drive 4WD+ one-way front units.
  • シリオ 09 engine, clutch, manifold and tuned muffler standard equipment.
  • 2nd gear A/T units standard equipment.
  • On rear ball diff. standard equipment.
  • The torsional rigidity of exquisiteness and the 17S duralmin make main chassis which is proud of strength and heat dissipation characteristic.
  • Is similar to the pure ten series servo of the standard size which enabled.
  • Adopting the brake unit which is similar to the V-ONE series of upper-class class.
  • Attachment BEC connector attaching single 4 electric battery boxes for receiver.
  • In mini- inferring no 09 the nickel hydrogen battery pack for Rx of standard attachment enabled.
  • The racing type body “CRC-III” which pulls out speed with the aerodynamic quality which is superior attachment.
  • The full bearing specification which installs 14 ball bearings.
  • In private wheel of 8 these spoke designs gluing formation being completed sponge tire standard equipment.

3132108.jpgChassis Technical Data

  • Total Length : 240mm
  • Full Width : 172, 178mm
  • Height : 78mm
  • Wheel Base : 200mm
  • Tread (F/R) : 147mm/140mm
  • Tire (F/R) : 46x25mm / 50x38mm
  • Gear Ratio : 5.89:1 / 4.62:1
  • Weight : Apporx. 1,000g

Source : Kyosho

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