Serpent – Mega FT-28 with rotostart System


Mega FT-28 engine, complete with rotostart system and special orange anodised cooling head. For use in the Serpent F180.

Produced the fit the Serpent F180, the Mega FT-28 motor is a powerful, controllable and very durable engine which comes fitted with the rotostart back plate to enable you to use the hand held rotor start system that comes with the car.

This .28 engine also comes with a specially designed orange anodised cooling head which offers maximum cooling while the angled fins ensure head lies flat, when in its intended lay down position in the car. The cooling head sports the F180 car logo engraved on the side, while the black crankcase has the Mega flame on the rear and the FT-28 logo on the front.

Source : Serpent

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