Xray – New Option Parts for NT1

331215 Graphite Upper Holder fro Bumper

Tough, strong and light front upper bumper holder for NT1 made from thick, highest-quality CNC-machined top-grade graphite. A direct replacement for the stock composite upper bumper.

• Graphite upper bumper holder
• Precision CNC-machined
• Thick premium graphic material
• Extra rigid and strong
• Direct replacement for stock composite bumper

331201 Composite Wide Bumper

Impact-absorbing wide lower front bumper for the NT1 is made from high-quality composite material to better absorb energy from crashes.

• Wide composite lower bumper
• High-quality, tough composite material
• Increased crash protection

331211 Composite Front Holder for Personal Transponder

Smart, stylish and functional, this personal transponder holder is made from tough composite material, providing solid and secure mounting for your personal transponder for racing.

• Personal transponder holder
• Tough composite material
• Smart, solid, secure
• Bolt-on ingenuity

331221 Foam Bumper – Hard

This new front bumper – made from extra-stiff yet lightweight closed-cell foam – will help to protect the car better and will not yield even in heavy collisions. Recommended for all racing conditions but especially for tracks with rigid or sharp perimeter boards.

• Harder, extra-stiff foam front bumper
• Increased crash protection
• Tough, pre-shaped closed-cell foam
• Pre-drilled mounting holes

Source : Xray

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