HB – Cyclone Drift Supercar


Hot Bodies have prepare two video and also some setup for their Drift Supercar.

Watch this video of HPI Japan’s Yodo, and prepare to be amazed by the control and accuracy he has with his car!


Check out Yodo’s full drift supercar setup!

#HB55400 Cyclone
#HP80588 D-Box Drift Assist
#HP6557 Titanium Drift Spring 14x27x1.8mm 9coils (Red/2pcs)
#HP4402 Super Drift Tyre 26mm Radial (A Type)
#HP3845 TE37 wheels, 6mm offset
#HP7312 ’98 Subaru Impreza
#HP85197 Wing Set
HB61086 Front Solid Axle (fitted in rear)
HB70735 Copper Sway Bars


Watch the video here! Yodo’s amazing drift control and superior skill speaks for itself!


Source : Hot Bodies

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