Czech National 1/10 Nitro Touring Car – Round 2


The second race of the Czech Nationals of the 1/10 Nitro Touring Car category was held on May 12th in Blansko, and this race was attended by 28 drivers including top Czech drivers and also Team XRAY with NT1 cars

Qualification result:

1. Martin Kořínek XRAY NT1
2. Martin Bayer XRAY NT1
3. Michal Bok XRAY NT1
4. Martin Pater XRAY NT1

5. Zbyněk Krasl
6. Aleš Bayer XRAY NT1
7. Michal Jansa
8. Tomaš Svoboda
9. Petr Jelínek XRAY NT1
10. Stanislav Kalvoda

Final result:

1. Michal Bok XRAY NT1
2. Martin Pater XRAY NT1
3. Martin Bayer XRAY NT1

4. Pavel Jansa
5. Tomáš Svoboda
6. Zbyněk Krasl
7. Michal Jansa
8. Tono Sloboda
9. Aleš Bayer XRAY NT1
10. Martin Kořínek XRAY NT1

Source : Xray

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