1st Estonian Championship Race


Last week-end was the first championship race for Estonian 2007 off-road season. We will have points series throughout the summer, consisting of 4 races, and a separate championship event in the middle of July.

The first round was held at the Roogoja racetrack, which had some modifications made the week before the race – some slower parts were changed, and the “rhythm jump” sections were improved. Jaanus “JANKO” Kesküla, XRAY factory driver in 1:8 buggy class spent most of the week at the track looking for the ultimate edge. And of course, his car was brand new – the much awaited XB8EC (and it was quite a big change for him from the earlier TQ model). To understand the brand new car, and to be prepared for changing track conditions – that takes some time.

The biggest problem was traction roll; the track was very bumpy even before any racing was done on it. The new XB8EC has much more grip in the rear, and he badly needed to get rid of it. So he was constant playing with shocks/tires and suspension geometry. Come race day, it was clear that the track would deteriorate even more. After the second qualification he softened the shocks even more (medium springs, 250/200 oils, front overdrive). TQ was achieved, and car was ready for final.

The final was almost perfect, with Janko needing marshaling only once. He won the final by 2 laps.

Jaanus “JANKO” Kesküla Set-up sheet.

Source : Xray

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