Spintec – Battery Manager Version 2


The Battery Manager v2 is a conditioner for 4 to 8 cell packs. You can discharge all your batteries to keep them in top shape and to analyse their performance.

The Battery Manager v2 is equiped with the latest technology:

– 10A & 35A Coolflex current conditions the pack for maximum power and runtime, while keeping it cool. Cool means longer lifetime, less stress!

– Adjustable cut-off voltage of 0.8 to 1.1 Volt. Always the right settings for every pack!

– the large red-backlight display gives you all the information you ever need: total runtime, actual voltage, average voltage, total energy, capacity and internal resistance. Clearly visible even in direct sunlight!

– the memory module in the device holds the data of the previous discharge, so this can be readout as often as you like.

– CC/CV/CP discharge mode for best performance: Constant Current (accurate), Constant Voltage (maintenance), Constant Power (fast).

For racing packs, Micro 1/18 packs and receiver/transmitter packs!

Source : Spintec

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