Swedish Nitro Series – Round 1


The first Rounds of the Swedish Nitro Series, “SNS” and Swedish Cup, “SC” was run last weekend at the long high-speed track in Örebro. The SNS is a warm up race to the SC and a chance for beginners to meet and get help from the more experienced racers. The SC is the National series that will be a part of the races that will decide the seeding for next year’s championships.

SNS Results

1. Niklas Hakansson XRAY NT1
2. Hallborg Christoffer
3. Brandt Mikael XRAY NT1
4. Ek Pettersson Michael
5. Ström Roland
6. Andersson Martin
7. Trtica Nicola
8. Andersson Alexander
9. Runesson Klas
10.Vässmar Magnus

SC Results

1. Ström Roland
2. Vässmar Magnus
3. Niklas Hakansson XRAY NT1
4. Andersson Martin
5. Andersson Alexander
6. Trtica Nicola
7. Suneson Edwin
8. Husman Andreas
9. Runesson Klas
10.Gidlund Tomas

Source : Xray

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