Nosram – LIPO Range


NOSRAM is proud to present a complete line of VTEC LiPo battery packs! VTEC LiPo batteries offer extremely high capacity, an unbelievable 25C discharge rate and less weight than standard NiMH or NiCd batteries. Therewith, VTEC LiPo batteries are the perfect option parts for any flight, boat and car model to significantly increase performance and fun!

Especially in the flight sector LiPo batteries are already standard, as they are the most common power source for every plane, either if it is a glider (RX pack) or electric powered. The way better weight/performance ratio makes NOSRAM VTEC LiPo batteries first choice for every aviator. With a wide range of capacities NOSRAM covers the needs of each park flyer with type 480 packs up to high power hotliners, 3300 packs. Also every electric car driver has
the possibility to use VTEC LiPo batteries. Our special type 1800 pack is a perfect fit in nearly every 1/18 scale car. The type 5000 pack will make any
1/10 electric driver smile with huge power output and incredible runtime at an amazing price.

NR99903 VTEC LiPo Battery 480 25C-11.1V £20.99
NR99913 VTEC LiPo Battery 850 25C-11.1V £23.99
NR99923 VTEC LiPo Battery 1100 25C-11.1V £27.99
NR99933 VTEC LiPo Battery 1600 25C-11.1V £34.99
NR99943 VTEC LiPo Battery 2200 25C-11.1V £47.99
NR99953 VTEC LiPo Battery 3300 25C-11.1V £76.99
NR99962 VTEC LiPo Battery Micro Car 1800 25C-7.4V £23.99
NR99967 VTEC LiPo Battery Car 5000 25C-7.4V £69.99

Source : Mirage Racing

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