Singapore National 1/8 GP Off-Road Race


The Singapore Local 1/8 GP Off-Road Race attracted many locals in the RC arena to pit their skills against each other. There were 53 buggy drivers and 15 truggy drivers altogether. The track and weather were in excellent condition as their track was dry and smooth while the weather was hot. Perfect to have a race day! There were many XRAY drivers from Singapore that were there to win the competition: Sam Cheng, Chester Chua, Glenn Phuah, Mok JY, Luigi Venturi, Razif, Michael Tan, Rashid, Xiong and Sufian.

A-Main Final Results

1. Glenn Phuah – XRAY XB8EC
2. Ah M
3. Chester Chua – XRAY XB8EC
4. Danny Teh
5. Ben Seet
6. Chris Sze
7. Philip Lee
8. Sam Cheng – XRAY XB8EC
9. Joe Hwee
10. CH Tay

Source : Xray

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