X Factory – X-6 Nose Pieces


As you can see, we have substantially changed the X – 6 nose piece to make it stronger and more durable. The new part is a direct replacement for the old piece. However, not only have we added material all over the part, but we have changed to a new material and molded it at a new shop with a different press and new molding techniques. The new part retains all the stiffness of the older pieces, but is spectacularly more durable.

We tested the part in the street by repeatedly running it into the curb full punched… several times. We changed to another new nose piece, and repeated the process. And a third. We wore out two bumpers, broke two bulkheads, a front control arm, and the momentum of the batteries broke two battery posts. Paul’s Factory Team blue front hinge pin brace is a mess, but all three nose pieces are just fine. In fact, the third nose piece has continued running through several test days and club races with no problems whatever.

This is the first of many new X Factory parts coming this summer. We have spent the last two weeks in the L.A. area working with a new molding shop. We have already made several exciting new parts and there are lots more parts on the drawing boards. Keep your eyes peeled on the websites for updates and information throughout the summer.

The new part retains the same part number, but rest assured that the new nose pieces are now included in all X – 6 kits and every part #1002 sold. We are actually scrapping about 100 old nose pieces because we know the new part is so much better. Find the improved part here under X – 6 parts.

Source : Xfactoryrc.com

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