Xray – NT1 Options – Multi-Diff


Revolutionary, XRAY Multi-Diffâ„¢ (XRAY patent) is now offered for the NT1. This versatile front axle system offers three different settings: one-way / one-way solid / full-time solid axle. You can easily use the Multi-Diffâ„¢ as a standard one-way (left and right outdrives turn independently off-power), or lock the one-way out drives (both left and right outdrives turn together off-power), or you can fully lock the Multi-Diffâ„¢ and it will work as a full-time solid axle.


Lightweight one-way outdrives manufactured from Hudy Spring Steelâ„¢ have a hex hole machined at each end. A lightweight machined steel hex-style locking axle can be inserted into both outdrives to lock them together and create a solid one-way, which means both outdrives turn freely together as a one-way (at the same time), thus creating a solid one-way off-power.

To create a full-time solid axle, a pin is inserted through aligned holes in the main aluminum body of the Multi-Diffâ„¢ and the steel locking axle. This will lock the outdrives completely, creating a full-time solid axle.


Includes factory-pressed (non-replaceable) high-quality German one-way bearings, hand-ground for maximum running precision and strength. The one-way bearings must be serviced, cleaned, and oiled regularly (we recommend using #309580 One-way Lube).

• XRAY patent – Multi-Diffâ„¢ front axle
• Versatile
• Ground breaking innovation
• Strong alloy & tough composite parts
• Precision CNC-machined components
• Premium German one-way bearings hand ground for maximum precision
• 3 different settings: one-way / one-way solid / full-time solid axle
• World-renowned Hudy Spring Steel™ outdrives

Source : Xray

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