XRAY – Principal Sponsor of Off-Road European Championship ”B”


XRAY is proud to announce that the upcoming 1/8 Off-road European Championship “B” is exclusively supported and sponsored by XRAY. As an upstanding member of the RC community, XRAY supports the hobby and helps organizers and clubs to organize races and events. Not only does XRAY support the A European Championship, but also supports the B Championship because it is more of a “race of the people”… regular drivers who are not factory sponsored. XRAY supports all levels of racing from club racing all the up to World Championships to help expand this great hobby and promote growth.

XRAY is focused and determined when it comes to customer support and service, and as such factory team driver and European Champion Yannick Aigoin will be at the event to provide customer support and service. Yannick will be available to help with any tech and set-up tips and provide backup to all XRAY drivers. Feel free to visit the XRAY support service center which will be built at the track and talk to the Yannick. Service and spare parts will be available at the track ensuring that no parts will be missing and that the premium support is guaranteed.

Source : XRAY

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